Sloth Hammocks - FAQ

Frequently Asked Question:

1. Why are Sloth Hammocks the best in their class?

Please see our page - 8 Critical Aspects of a Great Hammock

2. What is included in my purchase of the Live Slow Hammocks?

Each hammock comes with a draw string stuff bag, a set of formed 6061 aircraft grade aluminum wire gate carabiners and a set of tree-saver straps. This is everything needed to hang your hammock.

3. Why do you use 70D ripstop nylon when other companies use non-ripstop nylon?

Quite simply, nylon ripstop is a more expensive fabric. Naturally it is better, because it reduces the risk of holes and tears you may pick up from getting worse. We chose to produce a premium product and therefore used the best material for the job. We wanted to bring you an awesome hammock at a great price and choose to rather make less profit, but ensure you get what you deserve.