Sloth Hammocks - About Us

Sloth Hammocks is a company born in the heart of the Garden Route where relaxing and having fun is at the core of people who live there. With so much beauty in nature and so much to be captured by the human spirit outdoors, Sloth Hammocks decided to start a premium hammock range that aims to keep you outdoors where your soul can find true rest.

When researching products for a remote expedition our lead designer was looking online for a new hammock to replace one he has used for the past 10 years. Having spent many years abroad and having been spoilt by the high quality gear found there he was disappointed by the hammocks on the local South African market.

After discussing this with a friend of his the two quickly set out to develop a premium hammock for the local market. Using more than a decade of experience sleeping in hammocks the two came up with the perfect combination of materials and design to launch the first in a range of Sloth Hammocks, the Live Slow Hammock, which was designed for campers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts who put quality first.