Hammocks - 8 Critical Aspects of a Great Hammock

The lead developer at Sloth Hammocks South Africa is an outdoor guy. A real man's man. The kind of guy who chases storms and extreme conditions to not only test his gear, but keep the flame of life strong and alive in him.

For the better part of a decade he has trained in locations all over the world living off the land and therefore has spent more hours sleeping in a hammock out under the stars than most people would spend in a lifetime.

When he set out to develop the first in the line of Sloth Hammocks he set 8 key criteria which he found critical to a great camping hammock:

1. Comfort - Comfort is the most important part of a hammock and therefore it was critical to create both space and a feeling of quality. This was achieved by designing a hammock that was 2.6m long and was made of a fine textured diamond ripstop to add to the "feel" of the hammock.

2. Portability and pack weight - Often a time hammocks are used far off the beaten track and therefore carried into remote areas. Pack weight and volume is always critical on such long excursion and therefore it was important to design a hammock that not only packed down small, but that is contained in one lightweight package. This was achieved by using a 70D fabric that reduces weight, but still gives great strength. The Live Slow Hammock from Sloth comes in at only 360g (400g including the formed alu wiregate carabiners) and has a compressed pack volume of 9cmx10cmx10cm. Pretty light stuff!

3. Strength and durability - Having a light hammock is one thing, but surely that compromises on strength? Not when you are using some of the best materials on the market. The Live Slow Hammocks make use of a high strength diamond ripstop nylon fabric that is designed for heavy loads. That's why such a light hammock has a static loading of 181kg.

4. Rip resistance - Another extremely important feature our designer wanted was the ability for the fabric to resist rips and tears. Well you guessed it, that's exactly what ripstop was designed for and using it on a hammock is important when dealing with all things outdoors such as sparks from fires that can burn a small hole, or it getting snagged on a branch during setup or a number of other unexpected things that can happen off the beaten track.

5. Ease of setup - When on the move setting up a hammock should be quick and easy. Tying ropes and untying knots is just hassle when it comes to the average hammock out there. Our designer knew that it was important to design a hammock that could be setup in under a minute and that's exactly what he achieved. Using wiregate formed aluminum spring loaded carabiners and multiloop quick-adjust tree straps your hammock will be up in no-time.

6. Saving the environment - Being out on the trail means we get to enjoy the beauty of nature and this means of course the beautiful trees around us. Trees seems pretty hardy, but if you remove the bark of a tree it will die directly above where the bark was removed, because the tree's water and food is transport in two layers (the Phloem and Xylem) found just below the bark.

That's why it is important to protect our trees when hanging our hammocks and so each Sloth Hammock comes with a complimentary set of "tree-saving" straps. How neat is that!

7. A complete setup - There are few things more disappointing than when you spend your hard earned cash, get home to open up your new gear and you find you don't have everything you need and have to go back out and spend more money. That's why Sloth decided to do it differently to all the other companies out there and include all the things you  need to setup your hammock. Each hammock therefore comes with carabiners and tree-saving straps.

8. Cost - Of course this is all great until it comes to the cost of the product. The good news is that even though we have packed quality into all pieces of our hammocks, they are not that expensive. When comparing our hammocks to others on the market be sure to compare apples with apples. We are sure that you will find our hammocks to be well priced once you add up the costs of the spares and extras that our competitors don't include in the package.

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