Sloth "Live Slow" Ripstop Para-hammock with Carabiners and Tree Saving Straps

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Sloth Hammocks South Africa brings you the "Live Slow" Para-Hammock which is a premium 70D nylon ripstop para-hammock that is unrivaled in South Africa in terms of quality, durability, price and cool-factor.

When we developed this hammock we wanted to bring you a hammock that outperformed all other hammocks on the South African market and we achieved just that with our special formula of 8 critical aspects that we designed into the hammock:

  1. Comfort - Each hammock is 260cm long which gives even the tallest person plenty of room to relax in our soft nylon hammocks.
  2. Portability and pack weight - Coming in at only 360g (400g with carabiners) and measuring only 9cmx10cmx10cm when stuffed down in your pack, you will hardly notice it at all until you need to set it up.
  3. Strength and durability - Each hammock makes use of a high-strength, diamond ripstop nylon fabric that is designed for heavy loads. That's why such a light hammock has a static loading capacity of 181kg. We have also triple stitched our seems to ensure your hammock is super strong.
  4. Rip resistance - Made from a 70D nylon ripstop, which is similar to parachute material, your hammock is without a doubt not going to let you down if you accidentally get a small tear or hole in it from the campfire's sparks.
  5. Ease of setup - Each hammock comes with 2 pre-installed aircraft grade 6061 aluminum formed wiregate carabiners as well as multi-loop tree straps that let you set up your hammock faster than any other hammock on the market. Here at the Sloth fort, we can set ours up in under a minute.
  6. Saving the environment - Being out on the trail means we get to enjoy the beauty of nature and this means of course the beautiful trees around us. Trees seems pretty hardy, but if you remove the bark of a tree it will die directly above where the bark was removed, because the tree's water and food is transport in two layers (the Phloem and Xylem) found just below the bark. That's why we chose tree-friendly straps to protect our trees and keep them safe for your next visit.
  7. A complete setup - A lot of other brands don't include everything you need for setup and we just think that is plain bad manners, so we ship each hammock with everything you need which includes 2 carabiners and 2 tree-saving straps. No that's not bad manners, that's just BAD ASS!
  8. Cost - And talking about cost, if you add it all up and compare what you are getting with the competitors after adding in what they don't supply, you will see that you are getting the best hammock on the market for less than you would expect.

We ship to Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Port Elizabeth, Easton London, Bloemfontein and all other areas.

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